Welcome to the ICTTF

Our mission is to reintroduce the enjoyable and beneficial game of ping pong, also known as classic table tennis, to the global community. The objective of the ICTTF is to offer the necessary infrastructure and resources to Member Nations, aiding clubs in involving both players and fans. The ICTTF is responsible for governing rules and regulations, as well as rating players, documenting outcomes, and authorizing classic table tennis events on a global scale.

Board and Member Nations:

Steve Claflin, ICTTF Chair (USA)

Juliet Johnston, ICTTF Secretary (Scotland)

Jimmy Shen, ICTTF (China)

Marek Zaskodny, ICTTF (Czech Republic)

Andrew Williams, ICTTF (Switzerland)

Derek Johnston (England)

Dave Fullen, ICTTF (USA)

Cesar Fonseca (Brazil)

Ma Weixing (China)

Alexandra Hoefer (Mexico)

David Pace (Malta)

Piotr Rawski (Poland)

Bryan Aiglemont (France)

Julien Da Haes (Belgium)

Benjamin Sorensen (Denmark)

Anton Andersson (Sweden)

Mike Babuin (USA)

Rogelio Ponte (Philippines)

Yevgen Kotov (Ukraine)